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They say school is more worthwhile than artistic hobbies, but not only do I beg to differ, I PROTEST.

Perhaps I'll see the light one day. If I do, remember to remind me to take my Prozac.


  • Listening to: TECHNO OH YEAH
  • Reading: Thoreau
  • Watching: QI
  • Playing: Guitar
  • Eating: Kittens
  • Drinking: Cider, betch
Fuck school.

At least the homeless are still living. It's a safety net for sure, right?

....right? ;_:
  • Listening to: Electronic Fucktro
  • Reading: Ted Bell
  • Watching: Barney
  • Playing: In a therapy sandbox
  • Eating: Vehicle tree scents
  • Drinking: Coffee in up and out the ass all day e'rday.
It's mainstream to reject the mainstream.

So shut the hell up already.

  • Listening to: Jesus
  • Reading: Hemingway
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: With sounds
  • Eating: Fruit
  • Drinking: Water
Treat art like an extension of your intellect.

Don't tell people who you are; show them.

Give a flying fuck about what critics think of you and suffer the consequences of stupidity.

Be Yourself.
  • Listening to: Myself
  • Reading: Eoin Colfer
  • Watching: Discovery Channel
  • Playing: With sounds
  • Eating: My words
  • Drinking: Water
I love you all--those of you who give me all this attention.

I'd be blessed, but I'm agnostic.

I even love those who give me little or no attention at all; let your lives be filled with joy.

Now fucking +deviantWATCH me.

  • Listening to: Ladehh Gagehh
  • Reading: Simple Genius
  • Watching: Family Guy
  • Playing: Guitar. I'm a badass according to my mirror.
  • Eating: Cereal.
  • Drinking: Water. No ice. No bullshit.
I'm Robb; I enjoy long walks on the beach, wasting all my free time in hammocks with beautiful women, and exercising my buttocks on a regular basis in the comfort of my home gym.

My drink of preference is love, and my favorite fruit is Youberry.

Drop me a line cuz they say I'm divine.
  • Listening to: Pendulum - Visions
  • Reading: Artemis Fowl. (...Don't laugh at me.)
  • Watching: Dexter, as they slowly make new episodes.
  • Playing: Guitar, because I rawk.
  • Eating: Thickly textured stress; finals are this week.
  • Drinking: Hot chocolate.
May your overflowing fridge hate you for the rest of 2009.
  • Listening to: Muse - Map of the Problematique
  • Reading: A Guitar Player magazine.
  • Watching: Dexter, Season 2.
  • Playing: Guitar, motherfucker!
  • Eating: Oatmeal.
  • Drinking: Water.